The Show With No Name

With Damon Lucibello

My name is Damon Lucibello. I am the DJ responsible for the creation of a very diverse college radio program called The Show With No Name, which began broadcasting on WNHU on January 28, 2004.

I was playing music on the heavier side of the spectrum on WNHU for 11 1/2 years prior to the program’s first broadcast. The redundancy of many of the newer bands grouped into these louder musical genres inspired me to change my show’s format. The Show With No Name features artists that specialize in the areas of ambient, electronic, new age, world, avant-garde, jazz, experimental and instrumental music.

The show’s purpose is to focus on those genres of music that: are not presently featured on the airwaves of WNHU and/or are not receiving enough attention from other radio stations. Since I do not have to follow a strict format, I can play whatever I like. Therefore, do not be surprised to hear heavy or loud music thrown into the mix from time to time.

One cannot forget one’s roots… Since the program features a wide range of musical styles, it originally had no name or title. I believed that giving the program a name would have been too restrictive. Since I was put on the spot and forced to give the program a name, I decided that The Show With No Name would be the perfect no-frills label. Who needs a name for a radio program anyways? Just let the music speak for itself.