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Around 2002, Bob and I started as the hosts of a weekly edition of Memory Lane. Over the years the show changed times and days. We both enjoyed sharing with you the music that we loved, whether it was big bands, classic American standards, or Broadway and Hollywood. We played more Fats Waller than most people knew existed – we had a 20 CD set of his music in chronological order. After 2012, I continued the show solo.

For the last year, the show again changed days and time and I changed the title to Broadway & Beyond. I still played the classic American standards as well as Broadway, Hollywood and some other things that I liked.

BUT it is time for a change. So my last show will be Saturday, Dec. 30.

I’m not leaving the station totally. I will be exploring options for a podcast.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from so many of you over the years. You shared your stories about this music and corrected me (us) when we misspoke.

I’ll miss sharing this music with you. But, I do know of two other shows in Connecticut that feature this type of music. Garrett Stack’s Saturday afternoon show (4 to 6 pm) on and Stuart Brown’s show, On Broadway on WRTC-FM, 89.3, at Trinity College, Sunday nights from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. and over the Internet at

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