Cellar Creaks

Hosted by:

George Kassimis


  • Alternative
  • Rock

Cellar Creaks is a show rooted in the obscure and weird, playing music that is experimental and different. The genres will mainly be alternative and hard rock, not limited to any time period. If you’d like to get an idea of what the show will play, think of rougher artists like Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Bikini Kill, and Led Zeppelin, as well as more obscure artists like Daniel Johnston, The Shaggs, and Kleenex. Whether it be punk, indie, grunge, hard rock, art rock, or riot grrrl, Cellar Creaks hopes to fulfill and please that flannel-faced reject of society, giving them songs to sing along to while sitting on the outskirts.


  • Wednesday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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