The Roots And Relevance Of Salsa

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Robert Fernandez


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Cisco’s is originally from the upper west side of Manhattan, NYC. Like most transplants, he’s learned to adapt to the life style of Connecticut. He chose the name Cisco as a tribute to his dad, ‘I took the name Cisco, but I am actually the son of Cisco’. The story goes, when his cousins would come to visit, they would ask his dad what his name was. Just to get a rise, his dad would say with a deep Mexican accent ‘My name is Cisco’.

Cisco’s eclectic taste in music stems from the fact that he himself is a seasoned listener of music. He’s been collecting music since his teens and for 50+ years has amassed quite a collection. He says he’s only trying to catch up to his musical mentor Angel Rosado, who has an even larger music collection. After years of just collecting the music, Angel has taught Cisco how to listen to it and have a greater appreciation for the music. He also credits his parents for introducing him to the music they danced to during the Palladium era, when the mambo was king. He also credit Dr. Armando Rodriguez for helping him realize that there was a need for a Latin Music show at UNH.

Not only does he have a radio show at the University of New Haven, he is an employee in the IT department. You can find him working on computer and network problems while he dances to the music on his IPod. Occasionally you’ll find him working on a pc problem at the radio station.

The Roots And Relevance Of Salsa has been on the airwaves since 2004 – 2005. The show features music from the Caribbean and Caribbean-inspired music from elsewhere in Latin America and from around the world. The shows principle focus is classic salsa and latin big band music from the 1940s through to the present, but the program also features other Caribbean genres such as merengue, cumbia, vallenato, joroco, timba, reggaeton, and folkloric from the Caribbean as well as Latin America.
The show can cover music spanning back to the origins the danzon all the way up to the music that is currently being played in Cuba, South America, Europe, and Japan. The program seeks to explore the many genres of Latino Music old and new, traditional and experimental, urban and folkloric.

With the help of his close friends Angel and Felix, they try to show the connections and/or the relationships between this music and that of music from other genre. The show is about having a good time as well as learning something about the music, the history, and the culture with some social commentary.

So put on your dancing shoes, open that bottle of your favorite livations, and be ready to enjoy.

And most of all, LISTEN WITH OPEN EARS.


  • Sunday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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