Greetings from WNHU’s Assistant Station Manager


Rebecca Satzberg here, your WNHU Assistant Station Manager! So far this summer, I have been focused on putting together our Summer Phone-a-thon Fundraiser. I have been working with the University’s Office of Advancement in order to put together pledge forms, figure out how we go about raising money through the university and get envelopes and other materials in order to accept donations. After communicating with the Office of Advancement, I moved forward in creating pledge forms, thank you’s to send out, scripts for the community hosts and checklists to keep things running smoothly throughout the course of the Phone-a-thon.

Along with this, if you tune in to the station prior to our phone-a-thon, you will undoubtedly hear one of the eight promo’s I recorded to inform our listeners of the upcoming fundraiser. That was something I hadn’t done before and required learning how to record in Adobe Audition, and recording lines over and over again until they sounded just right. I was able to create a “How To” step by step document on recording in Adobe Audition for other students at our station from this experience.

Of course, one of the best parts of planning the phone-a-thon has been emailing the community hosts. Prior to this, I did not know the community hosts, and now I can tell you who is on at what times without a second thought. I’ve learned names that go with shows and show times, I’ve learned about the people behind the show, and I have worked to make their time during the phone-a-thon as easy and fun as possible. During the phone-a-thon, I will get the opportunity to meet many of the hosts in person and learn even more about the unique hosts we have on WNHU.

Our Phone-a-thon runs from July 15th through July 29th.  Be sure to tune in to hear our community hosts hard at work for our station, and to donate to our cause if you are able to. We are raising money in order to keep our station up to date and running smoothly!

In the meantime, check out some of the unique programming WNHU has to offer by tuning in to our community hosted shows!