Dr. G with Jazz at Noon

With Gary Grippo

Gary Grippo (aka “Dr. G”) was a double major in music and premed at Rutgers University. It was there he had his first exposure to college radio. He has been a community volunteer at WNHU for the past 15 years.

In addition to his current career as a surgeon in the dept of Orthopedics at Yale-New Haven, Dr. G also has been a part of the growing New Haven Jazz scene as an active player in local jazz combos. He hosts the weekly Saturday jam sessions at CAFE 9 in New Haven and also spends time as an adjunct consultant at the Neighborhood Music School.

“Dr. G with Jazz at Noon” explores the more traditional side of “straight ahead” jazz. Much of the show features classic hard bop from the 50’s an 60’s with a good deal of currently recorded music included.