Echoes of Erin

With Echoes of Erin

Echoes of Erin plays an eclectic range of traditional, contemporary and Celtic music with snippets of Irish History, Gaelic Language, poetry, prose, and items of interest.

Pat and Joan Kennedy

Pat and Joan Kennedy, both retired, moved from Ireland to the USA in 1968 and immediately got involved with local Irish clubs and their cultural activities and especially with Irish Music. For many years they headed the entertainment committee of the club bringing in World renowned artists to the local area.

During the 1980s, Johnny Moran was the host of Echoes of Erin here on WNHU. When he left in 1990, he got Pat and Joan to get involved to keep Echoes of Erin on the air.

In addition to Irish music, Pat also got involved with the Folk Show, which back then aired on Sundays for 5 hours. Nowadays, it’s Saturdays from 4-6PM with John Mazza. Pat also tried his hand at Jazz and Memory Lane, but his first love was Irish Music.

Pat and Joan are happy to be part of the WNHU team, “playing the music we love.”

Pat Hosey

“My name is Pat Hosey. I am one of the DJs on Echoes of Erin. I began in the mid-eighties, doing sports for the late Johnny Moran, a man of many talents. During Johnny’s illness, I did the show on a solo basis for some time. My music selection covers a broad range, from traditional Irish, Irish folk, Irish country, to modern artists, such as U2, Enya, Cranberries, Sawdoctors etc.

I was born in Longford, Ireland and reside in Hamden.”

Mike McGrath

Mike’s brother in law, Tom Faherty, had an Irish Music show on WNHU titled “Music of Ireland” from 1988-2017. The Kennedys met Mike through Tom and got him to join Echoes of Erin in 2013.

“I have always loved Irish Music largely because growing up in Connemara, my mother was an accomplished accordion player, as well as a singer of what is known as “Sean Nos” (means old style Irish music) songs.

As I got older, I tended to go to socials, as well as going to local Connemara pubs where this type of music was played. Not saying that this was the only music played, but it certainly was preferred.

When I first came to this country, I lived in Boston, where Irish music was, and still is extremely popular, as is the Irish language, fortunately, I was able to keep up with both. After many enjoyable years, I moved and settled in Connecticut.

I do enjoy working with the “Echoes of Erin” team, looking forward to many more shows doing “the music we love”.”

Chuck Vigue

Chuck Vigue was a member of the biology faculty of the University of New Haven from 1979 to 2017. He taught Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Biochemistry while he served 12 years as Chairman of the Department of Biology and Environmental Science and 5 years as Chairman of the Faculty Senate.

Chuck started at WNHU in 1986 with a Tuesday morning folk music show. After moving to Sundays and recruiting others to participate in the program, he gave up the folk music program to participate in the morning Memory Lane program.

After several year involvements with Memory Lane he again started a folk/Irish program and also participated in the Echoes of Erin Irish program. In May 2015, he gave up the folk/Irish program to dedicate more time to Echoes of Erin.