Student Employment

Success Starts Here

At the University of New Haven, our students come first, and their personal and professional development is our primary focus.

As a result, students are responsible for the operation of WNHU through paid positions that closely mirror those found at professional stations.

Jobs are posted in November of each academic year, and students are encouraged to apply for these valuable opportunities.

Positions are filled at the beginning of second semester, and existing members of the student leadership team work directly with our new “hires”, mentoring them through their training period.

Leadership team members are expected to attend weekly meetings, held Friday mornings, as well as other station events.

Station manager

Nicole Ritsick (2018)

Acts as liaison with general manager

Represents WNHU at campus and community events

Represents WNHU at new student recruitment events

Manages and corresponds with community hosts and maintains community volunteer master list

Manages assistant station manager, operations manager, program director, promotions director

Oversees purchase of station merchandise

Assistant Station Manager

Rebecca Satzberg (2018)

Keeps weekly leadership team meeting notes on Fridays

Distributes station wide email updates on Mondays (as necessary)

Manages and corresponds with students and maintains master student list

Represents WNHU at campus and community events

Represents WNHU at new student recruitment events

Operations Manager

Chris Gamelin (2018)

Must be fluent in Zetta, GSelector, WordPress, and audio editing

Troubleshoots software and hardware issues

Acts as liaison with chief engineer

Loads programming into automation

Schedules music (future task for music department)

Helps manage community hosts

IT Director

Pratap Bommeini (2018)

Responsible for website development, maintenance and troubleshooting

Manages website

Responsible for maintaining and updating station PCs

Program Director

Noah Cooper (2018)

Maintains staff list, schedules, absences and compliance for WNHU

Trains FM hosts

Oversees air check committee

WNHU-2 Program Director

PJ Tucker (2018)

Responsible for WNHU-2 training and scheduling

Maintains staff list, absences and compliance

Must be fluent in Station Playlist

Loads programming and schedules music

Production Director

Brett Taracani (2018)

Must be fluent in Adobe Audition, Audacity, GSelector and Zetta

Maintains production studio schedule

Trains student producers

Oversees production of station IDs and promos

Oversees podcast production

Promotions and Social Media Director

Jeremy Bellman (2018)

Creates initiatives that promote WNHU on campus and in the communities we serve

Organizes station sound system for campus events

Holds promotions committee meetings

Oversees and posts to WNHU social media accounts

Music Director

Devon Maida (2018)

Purchases music from iTunes

Oversees annual music survey

Works with GSelector and Zetta

Assistant Music Director

Nico Zachman (2018)

Director of Fundraising

Josh Lodge (2018)

Corresponds with alumni and maintains the alumni master list

Oversees Make it Happen campaign

Oversees community phone-a-thon

Oversees underwriting